Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sissy_ashli continues introduction per SIR MASTER BOBBY

inferior sissy_ashli at the requirement of SIR MASTER BOBBY is to inform Group of more information about its sissy, slut, slave self.

sissy_ashli cannot believe how irresponsible it was to not include its height and weight in previous post. For that, it is truly sorry and begs SIR MASTER BOBBY, to forgive it, as it will strive to not make that kind of error again. Also, sissy fully accepts SIR MASTER BOBBY’S decision on forgiveness and is fully aware it may be punished for its inappropriate reply earlier, and understands that punishment is part of becoming property to ALL SUPERIORS, to teach it and reinforce its place as an inferior, and welcomes any and all criticism as well as penalties for its infractions. sissy_ashli is sorry SIR!

A better physical description is as follow: inferior is 6’ tall (about 6’3” in heels), weighs about 185#’s, is in pretty good shape for age, not flabby or by any means obese, has mentioned it is tanning now in Tanga Bikini and has nice sissy tan lines proving just what a sissy it is, sissies clit is about 6” erect and perhaps 2-3” flaccid, cut, it has hazel eyes, blondish-gray hair when not in wig, has nice long slender legs, loves to dress slutty to show World that it is nothing but a slut whore for the USE and DESIRES of its SUPERIORS!

SIR MASTER BOBBY asked if its son knew of its desires of becoming a sissy she male and it will answer as follow: son knows it wears panties and bras daily, not only from seeing dressing for the day, but also while doing laundry, there are no male underclothes what so ever. son has also seen tan lines and saw it dressing in its bikini to go tan. he is not na├»ve, he knows his “father” is out there, but has not really questioned it beyond wondering why it likes women’s undies instead of men’s. its answer has always been that it just prefers to wear femme things. it does not see reason to go into detail with son as he is now 18 and has his own things to deal with on his plate. While it does not want or plan to flaunt its total BLACK COCK LOVING sissy self to son, it knows he knows his “father” is into things he is not.

This brings it to entertaining at its home. Because son is of age, he is of course gone a great deal, and it will explain in detail to anyone it is involved with, so opportunities are there for it to entertain in its home as desired by SIR MASTER BOBBY and ANYONE HE DESIRES.

SIR MASTER BOBBY, it hopes this brings everyone up to date and it now looks forward to YOUR response, comments, further desires, training and guidelines that it will begin following in order to be of use and service to YOU and YOUR BLACK SUPERIOR FRIENDS and ACQUAINTANCES! It is here SIR to become the sissy she male slut slave YOU will turn it into and looks forward to being of service to any and all SUPERIOR’S YOU DEEM APPROPRIATE!

sissy_ashli again begs YOUR forgiveness and understands if punishment is to be dealt out. it will not disappoint YOU, SIR; again by not completely explaining in great detail what YOU wish it to tell the Group or World on it blog, Face Book, Twitter, etc.

sissy_ashli crave to become a she male slut slave to all SUPERIOR BLACK’S, and will follow SIR MASTER BOBBY’S directions to become whatever HE wants it to become.

Thank YOU, SIR MASTER BOBBY and Group.

it awaits further instruction and direction!



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