Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday shopping at local Target....

Yesterday i went shopping at a local Target store.  i have been wanting a pair of short shorts for a while now, so finally decided to go and get a pair.  When i got into the store went directly to the woman's area and to my surprise i could not find any short shorts.  So off to the juniors area and i was able to find a nice rack with a good number of short shorts and proceeded to look for what i had in mind.

Being in the juniors Dept, i was not sure what size i would be, usually a 10 in women's jeans and shorts, so i found 2 pair that i liked in a size 15 and 13 and went to the changing area to try them on.  Upon getting to the fitting room i noticed that a clerk was there working on putting things away so i just said i needed to try these on and she said sure, go right ahead, so i went into the fitting room and placed the shorts on a hook, took off the shorts i had on and looked at my pink panties in the mirror and wondered if they had security cameras in that area of the store and what would people think of this sissy in panties trying on girls shorts....kind of got me excited a bit and had to adjust myself by tucking away good.

i tried the size 15 shorts on first and they were to big in the waist but i liked how short they were, so on to the size 13 shorts, again a bit too big in the waist but what i had in mind in getting tight ass hugging shorts.  After switching back to my shorts i put the shorts back on there hangers and headed back to the Dept. to find a size 11 and see if that would work.  The selection was a bit smaller for this size but did find a pair of dark blue denim and headed back to the fitting room.  The clerk told me to go right ahead again so i went in and changed into the size 11's and they fit pretty good.  i liked how tight fitting they were and the fact of how short they were, there would be no denying that they were for sure woman's shorts when i was wearing them.

After putting back on my shorts i headed out to look for a new top to go with the shorts and found a black v-neck t-shirt size large that i know will show the fact i will have a bra and falsies on when i wear the outfit.  i can't wait to have the opportunity to get dressed in the short shorts and new top, with my bra and falsies on, perhaps a pair of thongs to tuck myself into and make sure my toes are painted and a pair of sandals on and head to the local bookstore/video arcade in search of some cock to suck and hopefully get fucked by. 

i am getting so horny for cock it is almost unbearable and i need to get out in the next couple nights for sure.  Everyone seeing me go into the bookstore/ and theatre will definitely know i am a sissy whore looking for cock.  i want all the men in the theatre to know that i am a sissy and that by dressing this way i hope they will take advantage of using me for any kind of sexual pleasure they have in mind.  i would like to suck a guy off and have another just come and get in front of me so i can take him on while others watch me sucking off men .  i would love for one of the men to actually fuck me in the theatre too, have been fucked in the back once and i would love to have it done to me again very soon. 

This is making me crazy, i have to get there soon and find some cock or i'll go nuts.  i will update when i get to go out and let you know what happens.
Bye for now all, i will be back with details soon.