Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Hard Can it be to Find a MASTER to submit and surrender to!

This is a response it has received from the following posted ad on Craig’s List:

Sub CD, needs to service DOM MALES-

sub cross dresser is seeking to be of complete servitude to ANY and ALL DOMINANT MALES, that know what domination, control, training, and conditioning IS! Keep self-clean shaven from head down, only wear panties, bras & inserts, women's jeans/shorts/skirts, varying tops, have wig and makeup as well as shoes, not real passable, but, will dress to meet and go out to scene friendly locations, currently tanning in tanga and bikini top and have nice "girlie" tan. Toe and finger nails are painted, both nipples pierced as well as Prince Albert, couple of submissive tats. Would prefer DOM to be over the age of 30, YOU don't have to be hung like a horse...actually prefer ave. size for oral as well as more intimate encounters. Race is not a question, but dd free, cleanliness, educated, and common sense is a must. "An in depth introduction is expected including picture if YOU have a desire to have this sub at YOUR feet, side or below you doing what YOU require it to do for YOUR pleasures." No reciprocation expected, as it only expects to be of use and service to its DOM, any pleasure will come from YOUR use of it and it hopes YOU know what that means. Can also wear a CB2000 for meets so it is unable to become totally aroused, therefore focusing all attention on YOU and providing YOU with all things YOU desire. it is a TOTAL BOTTOM and will only be a bottom, not interested in switching; only TRUE DOM TOPS need reply. Have many interests in sm/bd, spanking, whipping, caning, being bound, love humiliation and being called names as well as being treated like a common street walker. Can entertain at times, but not all the time. Not married. Very sincere and would like to have an ongoing relationship where the DOM is in total control and will use sub as HE desires for HIS PLEASURES! If interested, take a chance, RESPOND as requested above, if YOU are SERIOUS and HAVE A DESIRE TO CONTROL A sub for YOUR DESIRES, it is here and waiting for YOUR FIRM HAND AND CONTROL IMMEDIATELY! Text and phone number will be given to Interested DOM'S in first response to YOU. No PLAYING around, any MONEY /DATING sites, sincere inquiries ONLY! One liners or not responding as asked will be ignored. sub is here for, ready, willing, waiting to be of use. Contact name is: ashli


Pictures also were included!!!

Any critique is always appreciated-----

This is the first response from someone answering above post:

Hey you slut bitch

I want you to get on your knees in front of me and play with my cock

I want you to unzipped my pants and take my cock out and suck it hard

Then I want you to bend over the table and I will spank your ass till it's red and sore

Then you have to go back and suck my cock until I cumin your mouth

You will keep all my cum in your mouth

Bend over and I'll pull your panties down and shove my cock all the way up your ass bitch

Sent from the Bathroom

This was its original reply to said sender:

Good Morning,

You had my attention for a couple moments.....LOVED how YOU addressed it as a "slut bitch". it likes to be talked to and treated that way.

Kind of a short intro and nothing about yourself, but, had me for a few until it saw you posted from "the bathroom!" Come on, what is that?

Was hoping to meet a real person to hook up and have some serious fun with, but again, a person who almost got there but still did not respond the way it was asked to!

Why is it no one reads what is written? it sure wishes it would find a DOM that was truly that, a DOM and knew how to show it at all times.

submissively still waiting for an OWNER,


Now the response from MR. STILL UNKNOWN:

Hey you little bitch.

Don't you ever question where I sent the emails from. I thought it was funny. But being a slut bitch that you are, you aree going to have to pay for your remarks.

Now, get on your knees and suck my cock untill I tell you to stop.

I am going to paddle your ass till it's red and sore.

Cum on bitch, do what I tell you r I will ave to tie you up and FUCK every hole you havr.

Finally, it just mailed this as a reply to MR. WHOMEVER----


After 2 (two) messages from YOU, it knows no more than before. Obviously, YOU have a problem with comprehension or reading, as YOU have yet to say anything about YOURSELF...

OK, it admits it is a little bitch, a slut, a cunt, a whore, a pussy, a cock sucker, a pig, a will answer to anything that a MASTER decides it is. With that being said, at least it is up front about itself, knows who it is, has posted what it is, and what it is looking for....How much more should a submissive have to do? it cannot write a reply from someone it has never met!

it does find it wonderfully amusing that it is to: "Get on your knees and suck your cock until you tell it to stop!" This is coming from someone it doesn't know, has never met or at least talked to, doesn't know its name or even if it is a DOM, where it’s from, it’s Race, any physical description. This one can only imagine YOU sitting there after YOUR post thinking, "I really told that sissy bitch off!" And if YOU did think that, how wonderful for YOU, YOU are playing a game with YOURSELF, and it hopes YOU enjoy it. Because, it would be wonderful to be playing along if it "FUCKING KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR ASS!"

Now sorry for the rant, am tired of one line no brain responses from Craig's List....YOU are just getting the brunt of it today!

Why don't YOU start its ad or post....and address YOURSELF to it properly, telling about YOURSELF and why the interest in having a submissive sissy to use, control, train and condition for YOUR PLEASURES and KINKS?

That may take a little time, and thought, it understands, but, it is not going anywhere anytime soon and is looking for a real time person to have an ongoing DOM/sub relationship, that will satisfy BOTH of our desires and needs, hopefully!

Also, it sees YOU are posting from yahoo.....they do have spell check to check YOUR writing before actually sending something. Just a thought?

Have a good afternoon and hopes to get a real reply soon!



With that response what do YOU think are the chances?

1. It will get a reply at all?

2. That the person has a DOM bone in HIS body?

3. That HE has any clue as to what it is looking for?

4. That all HE is doing is getting off on HIS slight humiliation and rants?

5. That maybe HE is just doesn’t know about the sm/bd community?

Just thought it would see what others think!

Many think Collar Me is full of fakes and such, looks like CL is just as bad, actually worse, because most replies are one or two words….

It will be looking forward to comments from any and all and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!




  1. This guy seems like a game player...not serious at all...he obviously doesn't respect you as a person, and he probably wouldn't know a Dom if he saw one.
    I also think this guy is trying to cyber only, and doesn't want to meet in person.

  2. i am afraid i agree with you!
    Thanks for the post though! xoxoxo

  3. Hold out until you find a master who appreciates the radiant beauty of your submission. That's a treasured jewel my dear, fit to lay at the feet of a gracious and wise king, not this wanking village fool.

  4. that was just a jerker looking for pics...

  5. i want a master!! where can i find one??