Monday, August 23, 2010

A sissy Humiliation Fetish Questionier by MISS D

2, Humiliation Fetish, 518 (59%)

Did you think I forgot about the sissy fetish countdown? Not a chance. We're going all the way. But for this topic, there will be a sissy assignment involved. I want to find out if you gurls are being properly humiliated for being such sissys.

We are now at number two in a list of your favorite sissy fetishes. A Humiliation Fetish is such a delicious sissy topic. Let Me be clear, sissy gurls come in all varieties and I am well aware that not all of you respond well to humiliation. But for those of you that do, a well delivered humiliation is perhaps the most effective feminizing tool available to a Mistress. Besides, it's pretty hard not to humiliate some sissys when they are literally begging for it in the most pathetic way.

What effect, exactly, is a Sissy Humiliation meant to achieve? The desired effect, from My point of view, is simply the removal of any and all male tendencies and the promotion of feminine traits and behaviors. Sounds quite simple - doesn't it? But, in truth, it is a science. When sissy humiliations are used properly, a sissy will not be aware of the changes that are occurring in her - all she will be able to think about is how she wants more of it. In fact, some sissys become so obsessed with their own debasement that it becomes increasingly difficult to satisfy their hunger except through extreme methods.

Not every Mistress is comfortable with the more extreme measures of humiliation that some of you sissy gurls crave. On the other hand, as a Mistress grows in Her dominance, it is quite common for Her perception of you to change over time and She is much more likely to use humiliation as a means to achieve Her goals - whatever those might be.

Generally speaking, there is no such thing as a private humiliation. For a humiliation to have impact there needs to be at least one observer - it could be your Mistress - it could be someone from your neighborhood - it could be a coworker - it might even be the sales lady at a department store. At the crux of all sissy humiliations is your exposure - it's what happens when you are caught in the act of doing something that can have just one explanation. Humiliation is having your sissy gurl nature fully exposed...

Now - let's get on with your assignment. Below you will find a list of simple 'yes' or 'no' questions. Even though most of the questions apply to gurls with a Mistress, I'll bet a lot of you single gurls have tried some of these delights on your own - or at least thought about it. So, you are to answer 'yes' to any question that you have done or would do if you were ordered to do so.

Keep in mind, while sissy humiliations may not be your cup of tea, as with all fetishes, after a little practice you may find yourself wanting more and more and more... And gurls - be honest and keep your score.

The simplest sissy humiliations begin with panties

Yes it does

Your fate was sealed the very first time you put panties on in front of your Mistress. Now, each day beings with a decision - what color panties will you be wearing today - pink - lavender - peach? I'll bet you prefer panties that are really frilly - don't you?
Yes it does

Are you required to wear your panties every day?
Yes and it is all i own
Do you own ruffled panties?
Are you sent to the store to buy new panties when yours become tattered or stained?
Yes and it loves to
Are you required to hand wash all the delicates - both yours and Hers and hang them on a clothesline in the back yard?
Does She ask you openly in front of friends about what color panties you are wearing?
Has She put you in a very short sissy dress that exposes your ruffled sissy panties when guests come over?
Does She stuff Her cum soaked panties in your sissy mouth after a date night?


You love wearing frilly lingerie don't you?

Yes it adores wearing all

You've been pantied - how long do you think it will be before you are shaved smooth and kept in pretty lingerie daily?

it is already shaved smooth from the hair down

Do you wearing pantyhose or a pretty garter belt and stockings under your work clothes more often than not?
Yes daily
Has your Mistress required you to wear a bra out in public even though the straps were noticeable under your thin top?
Yes and it loves it
Does She insist that your bras be padded so that you can always have little sissy titties?
Yes and it loves that also so everyone knows what it is
Would She tell men in a pick-up bar that Her sissy hubby is wearing lingerie?
Oh Yes
Does She require you to sunbath in a bikini to make sure you get a dark bikini tan?
Not yet but it wants to start and loves the idea
Does She insist that you sleep in your cute little nighty every night?

Your label identifies you. And you are called ...?


Do your cheeks turn red when She calls you a good little gurl in front of other people?
Sometimes Yes

Has She replaced your inappropriate male sounding name with something far more delicate and feminine?
Yes    sissy_ashli or just sissy or ashli
Does She refer to you with sissy endearments such as slut or bitch or pantypoof or pansy?
Yes it loves to be called names
When out for dinner, has She used your feminine name in front of a waiter?
Has She told friends how feminine you are when you are present?
Does She show Her friends pictures of you in your best frills or post them on the internet?
Has She insisted that you get all pretty so She could take you around the neighborhood for introductions?

Sissys will need help with their femming

As your femming really begins to take hold, you find yourself caring more and more about your appearance - you want to be pretty don't you?


Is She pleased with you when you beg for Her help to become more feminine?
Do you look through Women's catalogs together to keep you up on the latest styles?
Do you put on your own make-up?
Has She put you on a diet and started your corset training?
Does She insist you keep your nails filed and polished?
Do you go to the salon for manicures and pedicures?
Do you have your very own closet filled with your gurly clothes?
When you get home from work, are you required to immediately change into your gurly clothes?

Mistress is always in charge

Sissys are not capable of making important decisions.

Does She generally drive the car when you go somewhere together?
Does She like for you to carry Her purse when you are shopping together?
Does She give you an allowance that you may spend only on your gurly things?
Does everyone that you deal with speak with Her - not you - when completing a transaction?
Yes sissy is seen not heard
Are all your possessions in Her name?

Sissy markings

You know that when you are marked as a sissy it is only a matter of time before your secret is no longer a secret. But that doesn't bother you - you want to be marked. You fear it and yet - you want it.
Yes it does and is getting a tramps stamp in latin saying "whore for YOUR USE!!" and have slave registration # on left ankle, right ankle is SM/BD related, and pubic area has a slave tatto

Did She have your ears pierced yet?
Has She given you a little reminder of your purpose by writing it on your body with indelible ink?
Do you have a tattoo marking you as Her sissy gurl?
Has She shown anyone how red your behind gets after a hard whipping?
Has She had your nipples pierced?
Do you wear a necklace, ankle bracelet or other feminine jewelry to mark you as a sissy gurl?

Sissys make wonderful maids

You are a maid and you have to do your chores. As long as you are in your pretty maid frills, you'll do any chore you are asked - won't you?


Do you do all the housekeeping?
Do you do all the cooking?
Do you do all the grocery shopping?
Have you learned to sew?
Do you own a maid's uniform?
Have you been sent grocery shopping in your maid's uniform?
Are you dressed in your most prim and proper maid's uniform for serving guests?
Has She rented or just given your services as a maid to Her friends?


It's Show time, gurls

You love your frills. You know how pretty you are in them and you do want to be pretty - don't you?

Has She put you in the frilliest of your frills - made you into a pretty little sissy ornament for Her guests?
Have you been taken for a walk around the block or been sent to the store to buy tampons in your gurly clothes?
Has She taken you shopping for heels and had you try them on in the store?
Have you been told to sit quietly and play with your dolls while the adults talk?
Has She ordered you to drop your panties so Her friends could see how incredibly small you are?
Have you been ordered to reach inside your panties and rub your clitty to a cum in front of Her guests?


What about your bathroom habits?

Yes - you are a nasty little panty sniffer. And you belong in diapers don't you?

Does She insist that you sit when you pee?
Do you have to ask Her permission to pee?
Does She demand that the bathroom door remain open when you pee so that She can be sure you won't be touching yourself inappropriately?
Has She filled you full of water and then not allowed you to go to the bathroom until you wet your panties?
Has She taken you out into the yard on a leash and let you squat and pee like a pet?
Does She put you in diapers?
has but NO
Do you lick Her clean after She pees?
Have you been used as Her toilet?

You can't trust a sissy not to touch herself

Your femming excites you - you want to slide your finger into your panties and rub your clitty - don't you?

Does She refer to your dicklet as a clitty?
Yes and it does also
The first time you put your panties on in front of Her, did your clitty swell up?
Does She remind you of your lack of size and your 'hair trigger' each time She goes out on a date?
Does your clitty drip and soak your panties when you feel humiliated?
Has She told you that the smooth front of your panties fit you far better than men's briefs?

Sissy belongs in chastity

You are obsessed with your femming and your chastity will keep you that way.

Are you kept in chastity?
When She does unlock you, do you find yourself on edge - ready to cum, as soon as the cage is released?
Do you get excited knowing that She holds your key and there is not a thing you can do about it?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night with painful swelling in your chastity because you have been teased and denied for days on end?
Do you find yourself begging and pleading for release - promising to do anything She requires of you?


Do not anger your Mistress

You know what happens when you've been a bad gurl but you can't help yourself - you have a naughty streak and you know you deserve to be punished for it. You like it when your punishment is humiliating - don't you?


Does She pull down your panties and give you a good spanking when you need it?
Does She spank and whip you until you cry which makes your mascara run down your cheeks?
Does She make you promise to be a good little gurl after a spanking?
Have you been used as furniture or been left bound in an uncomfortable position for hours because you failed at a simple task that any gurl should be able to do quite easily?
Does She send you to the corner for a time out, even in front of other people?
Has She dressed you like a whore and made you stand out on the street until She decides you can come back inside?
Yes and at a gay bar parking lot, too

Actually, cum is very tasty - isn't it?
OH YES very  much so

You love cum - you love the way it tastes - you love the way it drips down your chin - you even love letting people know about how much you love cum.

Yes it does

Has She made you lick your cum off Her after you had a little accident?
Does She order you to worship Her well fucked pussy after a good fuck date?
Does She like your tongue on Her clit when She is getting fucked by a real cock?
Has She trained you to suck cock for Her?
Have you begged to be allowed to suck Her boyfriend's cock hard for Her?
Does your little clitty get all swollen when you suck cock or even when you are thinking about sucking cock?
Does She remind you to refresh your make-up after you have finished licking up all the cum that was splashed all over your sissy face?


Sissys learn to love penetration

You've been fucked so often that it's all you think about...

Are you dildo trained?
Has She locked your plug in you so that you could get fucked all day long?
Have you been sent to the adult store to buy your own dildo?
Does your clitty swell when you are penetrated?
NO it is usually in chasity
Does She fuck you with a strap-on and make you moan like a whore for Her?
Has She let Her boyfriend fuck you?
YES it is so wonderful

Sissy cummies

You want your sissy cummies to be controlled - don't you?

Are you only allowed to cum by milking?
Yes or being fucked
Does She give you spoiled orgasms?
Do you have to earn the right for a sissy cummy?
Does She insist that you wear a condom for sex with Her but never asks that of Her boyfriends?
If She allows you to watch porn, is it sissy gurl porn?
Have you cum while watching your Mistress being fucked by a real man?

Ultimate sissy humiliations?

A beautiful, sexy Mistress. One look at Her is all it takes to have all the real men dreaming of fucking Her. But when you see Her, what you are thinking about is how badly you want Her to put you in frills and dildo your sissy pussy.

Has She shown or told other people about your intense sexual excitement over your femming?
Are you humiliated by your craving for sissy humiliations?
Do you think you deserve to be femmed, cuckolded and humiliated?
If She demanded it, would you allow your body to be altered permanently - made more feminine by implants, facial surgery, etc; even though you would still be kept as a sissy?
Would you agree to become a sissy whore if that was the only way you could remain femmed 24/7?
OH YES it is what i live for!!!
Will you share your answers to this list with your Mistress or with the other readers of this blog?
Yes and this will be posted to my blog when finished

If you answered 'Yes' to...

More than 90 questions:

You are a gurl that needs extreme sissy humiliations to satisfy your cravings. Most of the time when you are humiliated, you are probably not even aware of it - it just seems 'normal' to you. Your condition indicates that you have little or no self determination - you will do whatever you are told to do and you prefer it to be extreme. You are highly susceptible to complete feminization (even physical alterations) and you would prefer it by the most forceful and public means possible. A gurl in this category could become a fetish doll - 'walking breasts' . You are likely to be in a constant state of 'slut delirium' and want to be kept that way. You make no qualms about performing any sexual act that might be required of you.

More than 80 questions:

You are quite the humiliated sissy - no doubt. You do have some limits, but you probably want even those limits pushed by a strong Mistress. You would have no problem if your femming was to become public knowledge and you already know that this is likely to be your fate. You have few, if any, sexual inhibitions. Gurls in this category are often quite sexual and that is your preferred path of humiliations - cuckolding, whoring, etc.

Between 60 and 80 questions:

You are the kind of gurl that does enjoy your humiliations but you are probably not willing to be too public about them. You are likely to do almost anything to please your Mistress that She demands of you as long as it is kept private. Your preference for humiliations are those that are more mental rather than the physical and public kind. Gurls in this category can be pushed into a greater need for sissy humiliations - but it does require pushing. You probably excel with your femming and could end up being a maid or a pretty prissy.

Between 40 and 60 questions:

For you, sissy humiliations are kinky sex play but you are not governed by them. In certain circumstances your limits can be pushed but you are unlikely to become obsessed by it. You tend to be a more private gurl even though you might often fantasize about being exposed. Your humiliations are more fantasy than reality. Gurls in this category usually do enjoy seeing or reading about the situations that other gurls find themselves in, even if, you wouldn't want it done to you personally. Still, it is possible that you will experience a 'tipping point' event that will alter you forever.

Between 20 and 40 questions:

Sissy humiliations don't really excite you. You might play along with them at times but they don't excite you. You are not likely to be publicly femmed but you may think about it some of the time. Even keeping your legs shaved may be a little too much for you. But all hope is not lost, you may respond quite well to other feminization techniques. It's just a shame that you don't enjoy your humiliations as much as the other gurls.

Less than 20 questions:

Let's face it - you are not into sissy humiliations at all. You may enjoy your femming but not because of any humiliation aspect. You probably have quite a few inhibitions. If you are a gurl in this category, you need remedial training at the hands of an expert Domme to flower into what you could and should be.

Miss D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On my way to the State tonight for fun!!!!
On my way to the State Bar tonight looking for more like last night.
Hope it is as successful as last night because i am really in the mood to let go and be used by any and everyone tonight.
Wish me well all as i am OFF!!!!!!

Another good beginning to the weekend

Friday night was a good start to the weekend.
i got dressed in jean skirt, black panties and bra(with inserts),grey girly t-shirt,  makeup and wig, sandals with nails painted pink and headed out to the State Bar parking lot. They say there is a lot of cruising going on there, i never have had success in the past but figured, what the heck.

Last night was wonderful.  after parking and waiting for awhile checking the situation out, i had to relieve myself so i got out of my car and headed to the wooded area behind the parking lot.  Quite a bit going on, but i had to complete my task and upon returning a voice told me to "come over here Hun", it was a female voice so i went over to see who was calling to me.

Low and behold i met "Vanessa", a transsexual in the process of changing over. She laughed that i need to shave my legs and arms and i know that is true.  She was sitting on her tailgate with her breasts out of her top and her skirt hiked up so you could see her clit( and a nice one).  After some small talk she reached out and felt under my skirt for my clit, things were happening as a number (3) guys were there also, while she was playing with my clit she began sucking a friend of hers and when he wanted her to himself she told me to get on my knees and suck the guy to my right.  i did not hesitate, and sucked him to completion as he shot down my throat, it was great and it just turned me on more and more.

Awhile later a black man came into the area and it was MASTER MICHAEL, i had met him a year or 2 ago and wanted to become his slave , but, things were hectic with his schedule and mine at the time, so it never materializes.  Once Vanessa saw i know MASTER MICHAEL, she told me to get back down on my knees and suck his cock to shoe him how sincere i was to be of service to him.  It was great, i always loved sucking his cock not overly large but a very nice cock.  While he did not cum more people started to gather and wanted to watch or participate, so we moved on.

After a bit Vanessa asked me to get in the back of her SUV with her and she wanted me to fuck her with a GIANT DILDO, i can not believe how much of that monster she took and it was such a turn on that i started sucking her clit as i pounded the dildo in and out of her "pussy ass", she was moaning and moving all over and her clit got real big in my mouth.  i was in heaven.  i loved when she quieted down a bit then grabbed my head and pulled it closer to her forcing her clit deep in my mouth and throat and held me there tightly as she unleashed a flow that was better than anything i have ever received in my life.  After she climaxed we talked a bit and exchanged numbers and e-mail address so we can keep in touch.  She said she would take me to some of the clubs in the Detroit area and introduce me to  many of the other GURLS and hope that it would lead to me feeling better about coming out and becoming more girly all the time.

That was such a nice evening that i just know i am going to start going back there more and more.  So, this morning when i got up i went directly into the bathroom and proceeded to shave not only my legs but also my arms as well.  Vanessa made sense to me and said life is too short to worry about what others are going to think.  So, i am going to go forward with it.  i also scheduled an appointment to have my Slave Registration # tattooed on my left ankle.  Hard to see but the SLRN# is in black and the actual #'s are in purple.  Pic attached.

Headed upstairs now to douche good and get myself ready to go back tonight.  Hope i have half the fun i had last night and swallow all i can.

Until later.

my LOVE to ALL!
and Thanks for following.

Monday, August 9, 2010

After yesterdays adventure........

i just had to do more today!!!!

i had some appointments in the morning hours and when i got home i changed into my short shorts, added my bra and a t-shirt.  i had a plan!

Over the weekend i went looking for a Salley Beauty Supply store that was close by.  The thing was i did not know they closed the location and moved across town.  While i was disappointed they were gone, i did run into what i thought could be a good thing, a little women's clothing store that had some beauty supplies PLUS.... a large assortment of wigs!!!!!

So that is where i headed this afternoon.  As i parked the car i was hoping the place would not be busy and as luck would have it, they were not.  i entered and talked to the what i soon found out was the owner, a lovely older Asian woman, i asked her if it would bother her to assist me in finding a wig for myself.  i was not sure if she would help or be offended, but, she was a doll and told me of course, "she had many friends like me" and that i was welcome at any time.  A sigh of relief on my part!

She asked what i had in mind, short, shoulder length, or longer?  Then she asked about color and said "a lighter tone I think!"  With that we settled on a kind of short wig that is more brown but with some lighter highlights in it.  i asked HER to help me put it on so i would know what i was doing at home and she said OK, but you need a cap to wear to help from sliding around and off.  She went and got that had me put it on and showed me how to adjust the wig and put it on.  It was such a thrill having Ms. Annie helping me and once on she said, "looks good, we picked the right one for you!"  (Wonderful woman!!!)

With that said i said i loved it and asked about a head to keep it on and she said of course.  While paying for my purchase plus a pair of clip on earrings, she told me she has lots of dresses that would be in my size and to come back anytime and shop some more, look at the dresses and tops she has.  It was a joyful experience to meet Her and if there are any others in the Flint, MI. area, just ask me and i will tell you where to find HER and HER store.

Attached are a couple quick pics, can't wait til later to get made up and add the wig for the evening.  As for now, i just want to go out for a ride with my wig on and see how it feels being out and about.  i think i am starting to along just fine, now if i could just find an OWNER to take control over me and my development.

Have a wonderful day, will post more as new developments happen.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Had to get out today..

Hi Everyone,

Just had to get out today as it was so nice and i needed to go in gurl garb to get myself used to the fact i am nothing but a sissy slut.  So....

After showering this morning i decided since i had some errands to run, i was going to go out and push it a little.  First things i did was to paint my toenails a bright pink and a clear shiny coat on my finger nails.  Once dried, i applied some eye brow pencil to darken my brows then very Black mascara was added to the eyelashes and a touch of pink lipstick, not real heavy, but, it was there and unmistakeably put on by me.

My next step was to put on a set of green bra and pantie set and of course my falsies(can't wear a bra and no falsies, right?).  Then i added a t-shirt and short size 10 shorts, a touch of perfume behind the ears and finished off the look with a pair of open toed sandals.  i was as ready as i could be for this outing.

As for the outing, i had to load the car with cans to return to the store so i could get some more refreshments.  Then i got my list in order and was off to show myself to the world.

First stop was to Target to pay my bill.  Was a bit hesitant, but parked got out of the car and headed right into the store, trying not to pay attention to others in the parking lot, wondering if they saw my toe nails and knew i was wearing a bra?  i walked at a slow pace with my shoulders back, chest out and tried to go foot after foot in a straight line to show a little wiggle in my ass.  As i entered the store the first thing i come across is a security guard, what was she thinking, i wondered.  i walked to customer service in the front of the store and told the cashier i needed to pay my bill and handed her my statement and the cash.  i don't think she noticed too much of anything, but, she could not get her stapler to work and i thought i was standing there for hours.  Finally she stapled my receipt to the bill and i turned and walked back out to the parking lot.

Breathing a sigh of relief, i thought that was not to bad, so let's see how the next stop goes.  Back in my car i lit a cigarette for my drive to the next destination.

i went to my local Meijer store where i have gone for years and have actually purchased bras, panties and woman's jeans and tops before but no looking like this.  Once parked i got out of the car and went and got a cart at the corral, back to the car to get my cans to return.  Pushing the cart gave me some security for some reason.  It was about 12:30pm when i got there and the place was busy with many people of all color, age, and gender was there.  It was a Sunday afternoon and people were just getting out of church and getting dinner items i imagine.

As i walked into the store pushing my cart i was very aware of others in the parking lot pulling in, leaving and coming out of the store.  My heart was beating and i wondered what people thought of me or if the noticed at all?  Once in the store i was happy to see that the one greeter that always makes a fuss over my rushing was not at her stand and that a regular cashier that works the U-scan in the mornings was not there, but, the one working has seen me hundreds of times.  Too late now, off i go.

Pushing the cart slowly, i went for my intended items, first was a package of crackers in the bread isle, that was loaded with people.  i had to wait to get through the isle for a few minutes and did not notice any negative looks or comments from anyone.  On to the bottle room, for a Sunday, i was surprised it was bot that busy.  One man at the bottle return and another with cans.  i went to the farthest machine from both of them and then returned my cans and left the area before either of them were finished.  Off through the store to get some femme deodorant and back through the store to get a 15 pack of beer and head to the check out lanes.

i always use the U-scan system, and today was not going to be any different, even though i knew the cashier definitely knows me.  As i got to my scanner, i rang up my crackers and deodorant, added a code for a bag of ice and then rang up my beer.  Knowing i would need approval for the beer purchase as well as for my cans receipt, it would be just a moment before i was face to face with the cashier.  When she got to me all she said was, "How are YOU today?"  i know she was watching me and am wondering what i will be dealing with next time i go back?

Well, after paying, i had to walk to the middle of the front of the store to get my ice and that was in front of many cashiers and customers.  i never looked at anyone, but, headed for the ice, put it in my cart and turned to leave the store.  The greeter was back at her post and i thought oh oh her it goes, but she was busy talking to an elderly lady and never said a word to me like she usually does.

Next stop was to my local party store, the only one that sells my cigarettes, wondered who would be working.   The regular girl was and i just walked in and asked for 2 packs, paid and left.  While i was there 2 men walked in and were close to the counter, but nothing was said and i never looked there way.  Back to the car and headed home to unload and be in for the day.

Once home i added eye shadow, at wife beater shirt to show off my breasts and a tramp skirt to spend the rest of the day.  am about ready yo go and cook out on the grill and where i live you never know who may drive through, but, i have loved today.  Going to check Craig's list in a while and squirt to see if anyone is in need of having their cock sucked or perhaps of fucking me tonight.

GOD, i need some cum so BAD!!!
Will let YOU all know if i get lucky and find some cock to use me.

Love to all!!!!
very submissively,