Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introduction required by SIR MASTER BOBBY @http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blackmenturningwhiteboysintogirls/

Hello to the group from sissy_ashli. SIR MASTER BOBBY has required that it introduce itself to the group and it is thankful that SIR MSTER BOBBY has considered it worthy of HIS time to train and condition it to become a she male BBC slut and slave that will be servicing HIM and HIS BROTHER’S for THEIR deviant desires and kinks. It will willingly become SIR MASTER BOBBY’S sissy she male slave slut, to be used and abused as HE determines.

sissy_ashli is a 55 year old cross-dressing, submissive, sm/bd loving, slave that wants to totally surrender to any/all SUPERIORS, to be used for THEIR pleasures any place, any time, for any reason that THEY desire. Sissy is currently not passable, but does only wear panties and bras with inserts daily. it is back in school and wears above every day, 24/7, only wears women’s jeans, has many skirts, tops etc., but has to still present a male persona in school and work place, but desires to be 24/7 dressed fulltime and ready for its SUPERIORS to call on it for service. it will and has dressed and gone to night clubs, theatres and such that are trans friendly and will of course continue to do and does wear girl clothing shopping, to do laundry, etc.

Currently lives in the Flint, Mi. area, divorced, lives most times alone (but does have son from time to time), willing to entertain or can meet at SUPERIORS request. it looks forward to the training, guidance, control, and directions of SIR MASTER BOBBY! With that said, it begs SIR MASTER BOBBY to take complete control of it, direct it, train it to become a worthy BBC slut that HE will be proud to have trained and to share with HIS BROTHER’S, for YOUR sissy she male slave slut will live to please YOU and YOURS as directed.

Sissy_ashli will from this point on share it communication and training from SIR MASTER BOBBY, not only here but on it blog: http://sissyashlisgirlieplace.blogspot.com/ also on its Face Book page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001873280929

On its Twitter page: http://twitter.com/#!/sissy_ashli

All are welcome to view any and all of its pages and by all means request friendship and/or follow.

SIR MASTER BOBBY, has already started a picture album of it and am sure in the days ahead, its training and transformation will be chronicled there. After posting this, sissy_ashli will fill out all contact information in the database of the group and await further directions from its new MASTER.

SIR MASTER BOBBY, it hopes YOU approve of this introduction and if there is more information YOU want it to display it will do as ordered of course SIR! it Thanks YOU for YOUR TIME and looks forward to surrendering itself to YOU to do with as YOU wish and mold it into the slut slave YOU want it to be or become. it is YOURS to do with as YOU wish and eagerly awaits YOUR input and demands. PLEASE SIR, take control of this slave and train it to become YOUR property and use it as YOU wish!

Thank You Group for allowing this post and hope YOU won’t mind future posts.

And to YOU, SIR MASTER BOBBY, Thank YOU for YOUR consideration. it looks forward to submitting to YOUR will and ways.




  1. Ashli, this sissy is so happy for you that you've found a Superior Master to properly take control of you. Please share as much as you can about your experiences.

  2. Oh it will Boobie, as it can't wait to surrender to SIR MASTER BOBBY AND HIS BROTHERS for their use and sexual abuse. All the details will be here!

  3. Thinking it didn't turn to happen