Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3 of Tanning in the books.....

Day #3 of tanning is in the books......Used a Hex today to try and get some side color, can't tell myself right now, but feels like i got some more good time in.
Not sure if i should use a tanning agent they are trying to sell.  Anyone with ideas or suggestions please post, i want to try to get a dark of a tan as possible for my skin tone before summer and wearing short shorts, mini's and the like.  Want to be tanned all the way up legs, full arms, back, neck, front etc., so that wearing "girl" clothes i won't look like a guy with a golfer's!!!

I'll keep filling everyone in on the tanning sessions!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2 of Tanning..... Thanks Tropi Tan!!!!

Just finished tanning for Day #2, and after 7 minutes last night and 9 today am already seeing visible lines from the bikini top and tanga bottoms pulled close together almost like a g-string!!!!  Booty is a little red already, but i'm love'n it!!!!
Can't wait to begin darkening, because the pink against a good tan will look wonderful i believe. Looking forward to it actually!

i do hope that one day very soon i will find an OWNER that will further femme me and also help me become the total sissy slut i so desperately want to become right here locally in Flint, MI.

Will keep info coming and post new pics when tan is better defined!

Thanks to all and.....
Love ya...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Pink Tanga Bikini arrived today......

Finally its NEW PINK TANGA BIKINI arrived today!!!!
So exciting, have been wanting to start tanning and to get good clear sissy submissive tan lines started......
So, as soon as it finished some homework it was off to the tanning salon to get started.
Signed up for a 2 month membership to start off knowing it will be forced to keep it up.   Only 7 minutes today as 1st time, but will be looking forward to upping it as time goes by.
So much to learn about all this tanning.....wish it new more, but, on a bed today and was told it was fine to switch between beds and hexes to get an all over tan.  Still don't understand about different levels and need to ask more as it wants face to tan also.
Anyone with tanning knowledge PLEASE forward any and all info you have!!!
Once spring and summer come, it is going to have to find someone that is CD friendly and has a place to tan in the outdoors to keep it up.  At least that way it can wear its wig and be even more feminine as well has someone to hopefully tan with or swim some.  Anyone in the Flint, MI. area that is up for a sissy cross dresser using your area or pool if you have one would be greatly appreciated, but that is putting the cart before the horse as it is only January 26th, and we are a long way off from outdoor tanning!!
Please see attached pics of the new bikini and will up date as the tan begins to show....Also have to start some sit ups, got to become a bit more shapely!!!!
As always, this sissy is still looking for real time meets and hook ups in the Flint area for some good sexual adventures and serious play!!

Have a great one everyone, and please comment on the bikini and any ideas about using a tanning salon.

Love to all!!!! does need to suck it in for pics and also start doing some sit ups!!!!!      lol    xoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shopping Today!!!!

Decided it needed to have its ears pierced today.....
So, went to mall and the Claire's there was going out of business and were no longer doing any piercing, was told had to go to Genesee Valley Mall. 

The Clarie's Store there was still open and going strong.  Avery nice black girl helped me and said of course she would pierce its ears. 

Picked out a starter set of small stainless ball posts and she was after it.  After signing all the releases, it was in and out in about 15 minutes.  Am surprised that they need to be left in for 6 weeks to heal, had it known that it would have got something a bit nicer.......

Next on the agenda is getting a cute 2 piece bikini and to start tanning at a local salon.....More on that story coming up as soon as it gets "HOT PINK BIKINI!!!!".......stay tuned....