Monday, March 14, 2011

Beginning training under the control of SIR BOBBY

Will be posting the beginning of training and control of SIR MASTER BOBBY, in the becoming of a shemale whore to surrender itself to the worship of BIG BLACK COCK and THE SUPERIOR BLACK MEN.  For it is its desire to become a slave for all BLACK SUPERIORS and to be of service to THEM for any and all of THEIR DEMANDS, DESIRES, KINKS, AND PERVERSIONS.  it will surrender totally and willingly become a slut for any and all BLACK SUPERIORS and service THEM as THEY demand.

Back later with total intro to the yahoo group: blackmenturningwhiteboysintogirls

Thank YOU SIR, MASTER BOBBY, for taking the time to train this inferior to be of service to YOU, YOUR MAGNIFICENT COCK, AND TO YOUR BROTHER'S YOU DEMAND it SERVICES!

sissy_ashli is here to worship YOU and all BLACK SUPERIORS and will look forward to being used in any way a SUPERIOR DEMANDS!

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