Sunday, December 4, 2011

Under consideration of MASTER FRANK....... become a long distance slave and slut for HIS OWNERSHIP, TRAINING, CONDITIONING, and PROPERTY including signing and submitting to HIM with a signed slave contract, giving HIM complete ownership of me unless HE assigns me to another OWNER, whick only HE will have the CONTROL and RIGHT to do, as provided in the said slave contract.

slut will still be able to seek out and serve local MASTERS and be of service to any and all cocks that need servicing, but, will have to report all actions to MASTER and will require pictures of my serving anyone, at any time!

Name has been changed by MASTER FRANK to "slut ashli" as HE says i am not a sissy....instead i am a slut that is consumed by cock and cum.
email will remain the same as "slut" is not an approved word for email accounts.

i eagerly await slave contract, which i will sign, giving myself completely to MASTER FRANK, to do with as HE chooses.

If anyone is interested in using HIS property, PLEASE contact me and we will do what ever we can to make YOUR DESIRES a reality!!!!!!

New pictures of MASTER'S property to be.....

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