Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doctor visit was kind of a chuckle yesterday.......

Thought i would share someti=hing from my Doctor visit on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011....

A good one from doctor visiy yesterday for physical.......As i believe everyone knows, i strictly wear panties daily and a bra as often as possible to work, out about, etc. Well i did not wear a bra yesterday, but did have on pretty black lacey boy shorts for my doctor visit.....A couple of kind of funny things happened....allow me to share.....
#1. While getting hooked up for an EKG, never dawned on me as i lifted shirt up for nurse to attach leads that i was wearing my chain with pink heart dog tag stating :WHORE"....she was very professional and never seemed to blink an eye at that or my pierced nipples!
#2. It was a little while before i actually saw my doctor and after some small talk and questions, he asked me to take off my shirt to begin the exam, i did, and first thing out of his mouth was..."What's with the tan lines?" ( i have been tanning all year wearing a hot pink bikini top with tanga bottoms, and the bottoms pulled tight in the rear leaving a thong like tan) i told him i tan with a bikini top on. He asked why? i told him i was abit of a kinky individual. OK, next question from him was, Didn't those piercing hurt? And how long had i had them? my first response was, Doc, you saw them last year and i have had them for over 10-13 years, and no they do not hurt, actually make my nipples more sensitive to the touch and...... His expression was priceless!
#3. After checking out my upper torso, he put on the magic gloves and asked me to lower my pants and bend over the exam table so he could check my prostate, could not see his face and wondered what he thought of the view of the tanned fanny as he lubed up and did his examination, finished he asked me to turn around so he could check for hernia, as i did his face flushed and said "I don't remember you having a tottoo there, is it new?" and then, "MY GOD! now that piercing had to hurt really badly?" (my PA) response was the tattoo was done before my son was born and changed after divorcing my ex to cover up the bitches name and that NO, the PA piercing was actually much easier to endure than the nipples and healed much faster too! HIS LOOK on his face again was priceless as i added that many women really liked the PA and never had any complaints from "ANYONE" about it and it came in handy in some kinky play opportunities.
#4. After the hernia exam, as i was re-dressing he began to ask if i was sexually active? DOC.i said, i am not dead am i? So he pressed on as to the number of partners i had had over the last year and i said i could remember every one i was active with, never giving him a number, and he said that i should remember there are still diseases out there..... i assured him i was aware of that and i was sure all tests were going to be fine and he should let me worry about that part of my life!

What a hoot and fun filled couple of hours!

Once i got outside, lit up a cigarette, it hit me that i was going to be the talk of the office for a while that day! Between the nurse and the EKG, the time between that and i actually saw the doctor, and the questions asked by him.....i think they probably had a wonderful time talking about me and wondering what all the hell i was involved with!

Thanks, just thought some of YOU would get a chuckle out of my experience with the DOC!!!!!

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  1. I love this post. It gave Me a good laugh too, though those in the medical field are into this too it's very obvious that your doctor is clueless, albeit curious.