Friday, December 23, 2011

A reply to a CL posting from a BLACK MAN seeking white mouth 12/23/11

Hello SIR,
Saw YOUR post and thought i would reply….
i may not be what YOU are looking for, but, i think YOU may be a person i would be very interested in if YOU find what I am about to say as something that interests YOU!
i am a cross dressing submissive male that wants to dress femme for a DOMINANT MALE that would like to have a slave and slut surrendering to THEM!
Quite honestly, i would love to find a MASTER to become HIS slave and property. Property that HE will encourage and demand that i continue to cross dress and turn me into HIS sissy, slut, and whore, to use as HE desires and demands. i know that leaves a lot to discuss, but, need to know if YOU would be interested in something like this? Looking for an ongoing MASTER/slave relationship that can be discreet, as i can entertain at my place, but is also to be used in public by YOU in ways YOU desire as well.
slave is also into bondage and discipline and would like that to be incorporated in any type of ongoing relationship. slave understands and wants to be controlled, trained to serve and submit, required to become HIS MASTERS “gurl” and to be used and abused as a sissy, slut, cunt and whore for its OWNERS most kinky and perverse desires.
slave will not be available today until after about 6:30 to entertain, but, could later in the evening.
slave is white, 55 yrs.old, 6’,185#,blondish hair (but have wigs also), hazel eyes, has girls’ clothing and underwear as well as some shoes, not real good with makeup, but willing to try its best. slave is divorced for years, works and goes to school full time, so best hours to meet are evenings currently.
slave is very interested in becoming BLACK OWNED, and trained to serve its MASTER’S needs, wants and desires, slave is drug and disease free and plans to stay that way, is very discreet as well, but, willing to let go and be controlled by a VERY DOMINANT MALE, and used as HE desires and wishes. it expects to have to change to meet OWNER’S ideals and demands as well as desires, and only wishes to one day become collared and marked as the property of its MASTER, and conditioned to do whatever its OWNER demands of it!
If this sounds like something that YOU may be interested in and feel YOU are a DOMINANT seeking complete control of a sissy white boi like me, i beg YOU to consider it to become a sissy slut and slave that YOU can have control over for a long term situation, leading to becoming YOUR collared and marked property to use as YOU wish.
it does have some porn around the house, but most is shemale, YOU can also provide and bring any porn YOU wish for a DVD player and any that YOU would suggest for a slave to know what YOU desire will be appreciated.
Attached are a couple pics showing it is real and these are current pictures also. YOU will find contact information in its signature area and looks forward to hearing from YOU if YOU feel this is something that may interest YOU in the long run.
slut ashli


  1. Wishing You a Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!! Loved the doctor check up :-)