Sunday, August 8, 2010

Had to get out today..

Hi Everyone,

Just had to get out today as it was so nice and i needed to go in gurl garb to get myself used to the fact i am nothing but a sissy slut.  So....

After showering this morning i decided since i had some errands to run, i was going to go out and push it a little.  First things i did was to paint my toenails a bright pink and a clear shiny coat on my finger nails.  Once dried, i applied some eye brow pencil to darken my brows then very Black mascara was added to the eyelashes and a touch of pink lipstick, not real heavy, but, it was there and unmistakeably put on by me.

My next step was to put on a set of green bra and pantie set and of course my falsies(can't wear a bra and no falsies, right?).  Then i added a t-shirt and short size 10 shorts, a touch of perfume behind the ears and finished off the look with a pair of open toed sandals.  i was as ready as i could be for this outing.

As for the outing, i had to load the car with cans to return to the store so i could get some more refreshments.  Then i got my list in order and was off to show myself to the world.

First stop was to Target to pay my bill.  Was a bit hesitant, but parked got out of the car and headed right into the store, trying not to pay attention to others in the parking lot, wondering if they saw my toe nails and knew i was wearing a bra?  i walked at a slow pace with my shoulders back, chest out and tried to go foot after foot in a straight line to show a little wiggle in my ass.  As i entered the store the first thing i come across is a security guard, what was she thinking, i wondered.  i walked to customer service in the front of the store and told the cashier i needed to pay my bill and handed her my statement and the cash.  i don't think she noticed too much of anything, but, she could not get her stapler to work and i thought i was standing there for hours.  Finally she stapled my receipt to the bill and i turned and walked back out to the parking lot.

Breathing a sigh of relief, i thought that was not to bad, so let's see how the next stop goes.  Back in my car i lit a cigarette for my drive to the next destination.

i went to my local Meijer store where i have gone for years and have actually purchased bras, panties and woman's jeans and tops before but no looking like this.  Once parked i got out of the car and went and got a cart at the corral, back to the car to get my cans to return.  Pushing the cart gave me some security for some reason.  It was about 12:30pm when i got there and the place was busy with many people of all color, age, and gender was there.  It was a Sunday afternoon and people were just getting out of church and getting dinner items i imagine.

As i walked into the store pushing my cart i was very aware of others in the parking lot pulling in, leaving and coming out of the store.  My heart was beating and i wondered what people thought of me or if the noticed at all?  Once in the store i was happy to see that the one greeter that always makes a fuss over my rushing was not at her stand and that a regular cashier that works the U-scan in the mornings was not there, but, the one working has seen me hundreds of times.  Too late now, off i go.

Pushing the cart slowly, i went for my intended items, first was a package of crackers in the bread isle, that was loaded with people.  i had to wait to get through the isle for a few minutes and did not notice any negative looks or comments from anyone.  On to the bottle room, for a Sunday, i was surprised it was bot that busy.  One man at the bottle return and another with cans.  i went to the farthest machine from both of them and then returned my cans and left the area before either of them were finished.  Off through the store to get some femme deodorant and back through the store to get a 15 pack of beer and head to the check out lanes.

i always use the U-scan system, and today was not going to be any different, even though i knew the cashier definitely knows me.  As i got to my scanner, i rang up my crackers and deodorant, added a code for a bag of ice and then rang up my beer.  Knowing i would need approval for the beer purchase as well as for my cans receipt, it would be just a moment before i was face to face with the cashier.  When she got to me all she said was, "How are YOU today?"  i know she was watching me and am wondering what i will be dealing with next time i go back?

Well, after paying, i had to walk to the middle of the front of the store to get my ice and that was in front of many cashiers and customers.  i never looked at anyone, but, headed for the ice, put it in my cart and turned to leave the store.  The greeter was back at her post and i thought oh oh her it goes, but she was busy talking to an elderly lady and never said a word to me like she usually does.

Next stop was to my local party store, the only one that sells my cigarettes, wondered who would be working.   The regular girl was and i just walked in and asked for 2 packs, paid and left.  While i was there 2 men walked in and were close to the counter, but nothing was said and i never looked there way.  Back to the car and headed home to unload and be in for the day.

Once home i added eye shadow, at wife beater shirt to show off my breasts and a tramp skirt to spend the rest of the day.  am about ready yo go and cook out on the grill and where i live you never know who may drive through, but, i have loved today.  Going to check Craig's list in a while and squirt to see if anyone is in need of having their cock sucked or perhaps of fucking me tonight.

GOD, i need some cum so BAD!!!
Will let YOU all know if i get lucky and find some cock to use me.

Love to all!!!!
very submissively,


  1. i want to meet you soon so i can meat you soon. MMMmmmmmm i hope you love sucking.

  2. Just to say hi... I am in Lansing, Mi., very much an admirer of T-girls.

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