Monday, August 9, 2010

After yesterdays adventure........

i just had to do more today!!!!

i had some appointments in the morning hours and when i got home i changed into my short shorts, added my bra and a t-shirt.  i had a plan!

Over the weekend i went looking for a Salley Beauty Supply store that was close by.  The thing was i did not know they closed the location and moved across town.  While i was disappointed they were gone, i did run into what i thought could be a good thing, a little women's clothing store that had some beauty supplies PLUS.... a large assortment of wigs!!!!!

So that is where i headed this afternoon.  As i parked the car i was hoping the place would not be busy and as luck would have it, they were not.  i entered and talked to the what i soon found out was the owner, a lovely older Asian woman, i asked her if it would bother her to assist me in finding a wig for myself.  i was not sure if she would help or be offended, but, she was a doll and told me of course, "she had many friends like me" and that i was welcome at any time.  A sigh of relief on my part!

She asked what i had in mind, short, shoulder length, or longer?  Then she asked about color and said "a lighter tone I think!"  With that we settled on a kind of short wig that is more brown but with some lighter highlights in it.  i asked HER to help me put it on so i would know what i was doing at home and she said OK, but you need a cap to wear to help from sliding around and off.  She went and got that had me put it on and showed me how to adjust the wig and put it on.  It was such a thrill having Ms. Annie helping me and once on she said, "looks good, we picked the right one for you!"  (Wonderful woman!!!)

With that said i said i loved it and asked about a head to keep it on and she said of course.  While paying for my purchase plus a pair of clip on earrings, she told me she has lots of dresses that would be in my size and to come back anytime and shop some more, look at the dresses and tops she has.  It was a joyful experience to meet Her and if there are any others in the Flint, MI. area, just ask me and i will tell you where to find HER and HER store.

Attached are a couple quick pics, can't wait til later to get made up and add the wig for the evening.  As for now, i just want to go out for a ride with my wig on and see how it feels being out and about.  i think i am starting to along just fine, now if i could just find an OWNER to take control over me and my development.

Have a wonderful day, will post more as new developments happen.


  1. Dollyanne loves Sally Beauty supply & has a similar wig, but without a cap! No wonder it is falling off! It looks nice on you!


  2. Thanks dollyanne, we need to chat soon on yahoo perhaps??

  3. hello nice wig, i also like to dress, se mich here.