Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another good beginning to the weekend

Friday night was a good start to the weekend.
i got dressed in jean skirt, black panties and bra(with inserts),grey girly t-shirt,  makeup and wig, sandals with nails painted pink and headed out to the State Bar parking lot. They say there is a lot of cruising going on there, i never have had success in the past but figured, what the heck.

Last night was wonderful.  after parking and waiting for awhile checking the situation out, i had to relieve myself so i got out of my car and headed to the wooded area behind the parking lot.  Quite a bit going on, but i had to complete my task and upon returning a voice told me to "come over here Hun", it was a female voice so i went over to see who was calling to me.

Low and behold i met "Vanessa", a transsexual in the process of changing over. She laughed that i need to shave my legs and arms and i know that is true.  She was sitting on her tailgate with her breasts out of her top and her skirt hiked up so you could see her clit( and a nice one).  After some small talk she reached out and felt under my skirt for my clit, things were happening as a number (3) guys were there also, while she was playing with my clit she began sucking a friend of hers and when he wanted her to himself she told me to get on my knees and suck the guy to my right.  i did not hesitate, and sucked him to completion as he shot down my throat, it was great and it just turned me on more and more.

Awhile later a black man came into the area and it was MASTER MICHAEL, i had met him a year or 2 ago and wanted to become his slave , but, things were hectic with his schedule and mine at the time, so it never materializes.  Once Vanessa saw i know MASTER MICHAEL, she told me to get back down on my knees and suck his cock to shoe him how sincere i was to be of service to him.  It was great, i always loved sucking his cock not overly large but a very nice cock.  While he did not cum more people started to gather and wanted to watch or participate, so we moved on.

After a bit Vanessa asked me to get in the back of her SUV with her and she wanted me to fuck her with a GIANT DILDO, i can not believe how much of that monster she took and it was such a turn on that i started sucking her clit as i pounded the dildo in and out of her "pussy ass", she was moaning and moving all over and her clit got real big in my mouth.  i was in heaven.  i loved when she quieted down a bit then grabbed my head and pulled it closer to her forcing her clit deep in my mouth and throat and held me there tightly as she unleashed a flow that was better than anything i have ever received in my life.  After she climaxed we talked a bit and exchanged numbers and e-mail address so we can keep in touch.  She said she would take me to some of the clubs in the Detroit area and introduce me to  many of the other GURLS and hope that it would lead to me feeling better about coming out and becoming more girly all the time.

That was such a nice evening that i just know i am going to start going back there more and more.  So, this morning when i got up i went directly into the bathroom and proceeded to shave not only my legs but also my arms as well.  Vanessa made sense to me and said life is too short to worry about what others are going to think.  So, i am going to go forward with it.  i also scheduled an appointment to have my Slave Registration # tattooed on my left ankle.  Hard to see but the SLRN# is in black and the actual #'s are in purple.  Pic attached.

Headed upstairs now to douche good and get myself ready to go back tonight.  Hope i have half the fun i had last night and swallow all i can.

Until later.

my LOVE to ALL!
and Thanks for following.

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