Friday, June 1, 2012

sissy ashli NOW taking calls at GREEDYSISSIES....

sissy ashli, cross dressing sissy slut and whore is now PROUD to be employed as a slave to all the MISTRESS'S of GREEDYSISSIES.COM

Call me NOW, and let's really let go....get NASTY....DIRTY....PERVERTED....sissy slut will do any and everything YOU have ever wanted a bitch to do......and i mean KINK or TABOO, too FAR OUT for this slut....

Catch me HERE:

sissy ashli is a bitch YOU won't want to take HOME to MOM, but one YOU will LOVE, because the bitch will do absolutely ANYTHING THAT GETS YOU OFF!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Giggles n so love your attitude girlfriend. I so use to laugh n question why anyone would volunteer forsych a thing. Hypnos n my learnings have taught me much better. Its like my Destiny ny some how. Crazy right