Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2 of Tanning..... Thanks Tropi Tan!!!!

Just finished tanning for Day #2, and after 7 minutes last night and 9 today am already seeing visible lines from the bikini top and tanga bottoms pulled close together almost like a g-string!!!!  Booty is a little red already, but i'm love'n it!!!!
Can't wait to begin darkening, because the pink against a good tan will look wonderful i believe. Looking forward to it actually!

i do hope that one day very soon i will find an OWNER that will further femme me and also help me become the total sissy slut i so desperately want to become right here locally in Flint, MI.

Will keep info coming and post new pics when tan is better defined!

Thanks to all and.....
Love ya...

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