Monday, October 19, 2009

sissy_ashli's Sunday Evening

Finally, a night alone where i was able to go into the bathroom and spend some time working on getting back to being the sissy slut i so crave to be.

i was able to completely shave my underarms, chest, pubic area, ass and able to use nair on my legs......i love being all smooth again, all over!!!!

All the while i was doing this i was playing hypno mp3's from MzDominica, the Jennifer series, parts 1, 2,and 3.  While i am not sure it actually hypnotises me i do like listening and believeing i will one day be turned into a sissy slut and will be used as a common whore to anyone that wants to be serviced by me.  Or at least give me more confidance to go out fully dressed looking for cock at bars or bookstores in the area.

Oh how i long to owned and trained to become a total sissy cock needing whore slave ........

Today i have on bikini panties under my work clothes and i can't wait until tonight to get home, take off my boy clothes, paint my toe nails, put on a bra and falsies, other panties to match, a skirt, top and my heels while i spend the evening at home listening to the mp3's again while being totally dressed femme.  i know i will become very horny and may want to cum, but i will fight that urge and before bed put on my CB2000 if my skin feels ok after all the shaving and nair last night.

If there and any SUPERIORS that read this and would consider training this want to become sissy slut slave, PLEASE feel free to contact it at anytime to discuss how a training relationship could be of interest to us both.  i really want to find an OWNER that will train, use, humiliate me, collar me to become THEIR PROPERTY to use as they desire.

Direct email is:  also on messanger the same way.

Thanks for reading and i do hope to find an OWNER SOON!!!!

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