Sunday, April 28, 2013

Once a sissy.....always a sissy...

Oh, this is so true of us sissy bitches.....
Yes, allow yourself to be what you are...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just the way i roll now a days!

I love to dress as sexy as possible when meeting MEN....I want to show off my ass a little with short skirts or short shorts, and with my 38D breast forms...a very tight top to kind of show them off.

If I end up having sex with a MAN, I want him to want me, to over power me, to use and abuse me, to fill me completely with his that if feels to him as though HE is actually breeding me, making me pregnant, and controlling me.

I love it when my sissy pussy is filled and over flowing....I love to get dresses again and fell HIS JUICES seeping out of me for hours afterwards..... and I love thinking that others can see the juices running down my legs, knowing that I was just freshly fucked deep.....Ohhh so DEEPLY!