Sunday, July 15, 2012

A new biginning on the Horizon

As of July 3rd, 2012, i was given permission from my health care provider to begin counseling sessions with a therapist for Transitioning M2F!

My first appointment with the therapist, who is widely accepted and respected, by my health care provider is this coming Wednesday, July, 18, 2012 at 10:00am.

i am so looking forward to this!

i have lived a life of lies for all these years.....i am a gurl in  man's body that is begging to get out and become what i have known i was for the past 48 to 50 years!

i will not go into detail here as to why and how come it has taken this long to finally go forward and seek the guidance needed for Transitioning, but, if anyone would like to ask directly and has a phone as compared to texting or IM'ing, i will be happy to go into detail as to the reasons why i have waited.

From now on, i will be doing an update to this blog at least weekly, describing what has transpired with my therapy session/s, how i feel about them, if my quest is still as high a priority as it is now, the negatives of therapy, the breaking down and building back up, the confidence and belief in one's self that is needed.......Any and all feelings i encounter will be brought out here starting after my first session on the 18th.

Depending on how my mind is registering everything it may become a daily thing, based upon my time, (i am interning for 120 hours, still trying to work full-time, and going to school for my BA), so time is sometimes is my plan to share everything i go through in the process of trying to Transition M2F.

my therapist has already forwarned me that that there is not a Doctor locally that will assist in the Transformation process and helping with hormone treatment and that i will have to be willing to go to Ann Arbor ( i am a MSU fan) or Detroit to find a doctor willing to manage and help with hormone therapy and assisting with my Transformation.

i am looking for friends and person's that may have already began this journey or those that will support my decision to go where i plan on going to reach out, chat, email, talk by phone, ....whatever.......i know i will need some support in this endevure and any and all friendship will be appreciated and i'm sure returned 10 fold by the good Karma YOU will receive.

Direct contact information for those wanting or willing to lend a supporting shoulder are:
Phone for talk and text: (810) 931-3708
Yahoo IM: sissy_ashli

i am looking forward to sharing my journey and explaining the ins and outs of why it took so long, what therapy is all about, if i find my way to hormones...what they are like and how one feels the changes, etc.

i am sure ther will be much to talk about and discuss in the coming weeks and months......BUT....wanted everyone to know, from this point on.......i (I), will be logging in at least weekly to deliver whatever is happening with me or how i am feeling or what my  sessions are about......

i will become an open book, try to answer YOUR questions as well as possibly get questions from YOU to ask the therapist for myself!

Good Evening Everyone......i will be back very soon with the results of Therapy Session #1.

Thanks and LOve Everyone for YOUR support!

Sissy_Ashli <3 ;)